The past summer...

This summer was fabulous, filled with hot, humid days that included work, reading, cooking and some exploring. Admittedly, our home looks almost identical as when we moved in and I have had a very difficult time making decisions. There are big and small jobs on the list and I have made a few decisions so far, the first being a  new sofa that will be delivered in the next few weeks. More to come on the house in future posts!

Here are a few snapshots of what I've been up to, including baking a blueberry custard pie (the number of pies and fruit tarts I made this summer will go unsaid. the husband enjoyed them but they are not all healthy, despite the fruit!)
 Celebrating a summer weekend with a trip to St. Michael's, MD for some crabs and delicious drinks.
 Hitting up some local farmers markets which may be my very favorite thing about this area. Really, they are spectacular!

We also visited this winery which was spectacular, along with Middlebury, VA which to me, is what Virginia always looked like in my mind. Gorgeous lands (it's horse country out here) and super cute boutiques like Creme de la Creme. Seriously, I need to forget my wallet next time I go here.  The pottery was stunning.

Finally, I did a LOT of reading. Cookbooks, magazines and of course books, littered my coffee table. Some of my favorites included:

1) The Red Tent - Amazing read and I have recommended this to anyone that asks me for a new book to read.
2) A Thousand Splendid Suns - Could not read fast enough....nuff said.
3) The Happiness Project - Very uplifting read about making the most of each day, which led me to
4) Saint Therese of Lisieux - Beautiful autobiography about a girl that passed away at 24 years old, only to become a saint 28 years later.

That's it for now!


LindsB said...

1. Where have you been? I missed you!
2. Welcome back :)
3. Whats going on with the new sofa, hello we need pics
and 4. You better update us more as to whats going on in your place- I LOVE seeing before and after posts hahah

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