A day to remember

I have been off the blogging bandwagon for some time now. Although almost a year into this move, the transition to a new town, new office and new people has been a difficult one for me. I have a busy fall but this summer I tried to enjoy things a bit. I'd say I succeeded too. Lately I've been thinking a lot about this little ole' blog and I have a few things scheduled for this week!

The attacks on 9/11 occurred while I was studying abroad in London. Having not been in the U.S. was very difficult at the time, almost causing me to leave and come back home. I have been reflecting all weekend about that day, the same thing you have all probably done.  I will never forget that day and thinking about it this weekend has brought me not only emotion but sheer gratitude for all family, friends and opportunities I have had thus far.

More light posts to come but a huge thank you to all my readers out there!

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