Decorative cabinets... take em or leave em?

While watching Sarah's Cottage the other day, I noticed she had her husband's initial carved into two of the kitchen cabinets. Not much later, I found the incredible portfolio of Lucas Studio and stumbled upon a kitchen with some spectacular cabinets (be sure to check on their portfolio, it's amazing). Whether it be playing to a theme or sporting your initials, do you think these are here to stay?

Though we will not be living in our current home forever, I like the idea of this in a home you imagine yourself growing old in to add a bit of character.

Love the doors in Sarah's Cottage!
I am basically obsessed with this image. All week I've been thinking about it.  Between the incredible hardware, that FAUCET, the backsplash and that wine cooler, I am ready to move in. I do not even care that the sink is on the small side!

Personally, I think I'm onto this trend.  


Megan said...

I'm pretty taken by the second image too; holy faucet! I'm always thinking that I need to declutter my counters but this kinda makes me think the more the better!

Day Old News said...

I am always so nervous to do things that are outrageous or bold in my condo since I know I will not be there for forever. But I can't wait until I'm somewhere more perm to try!

Erica said...

I love that couch!

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Jerico Jien said...

I'd love to take them :) Thanks for sharing this piece of art. I will print out the pictures and hope to find something like this on a famous mall here in our place :) my wife would love to see this one ^^

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