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As we continue to organize and try to make some decorating decisions, I am beginning to realize the difficulty in, well, making decisions. On a day to day basis I am normally one to make a decision quickly and move on. What to make for dinner? No problem. Decisions at work? Piece of cake. Unfortunately, these easy decisions are not coming as quickly in the home, which is why I haven't posted many pictures as of yet. Truth be told, the house looks almost identical to when we moved almost three months ago.

Either way, we are tackling a project this weekend. We will be painting the office.  As exciting as this is, it is not even going to be a fun color. After too much consideration, I chose white. In my mind, I can then select anything else I want for the room. I still cannot find a desk (right now we have an old table in there) that I love or shelving but we are painting and what better way to begin, right? Many of these images have been floating around the web but I continue to search for some inspiration and keep going back to these for either the layout, or the color scheme!

(via Canadian House and Home)
(via Canadian House and Home)
(via Real Simple)
(Suzanne Kasler's office)
(via VT wonen Magazine)
(Betsy Burham's office via Lonny) 
(Hilary Thomas via Lonny)

See any trends? Overall, I want a light, airy space with pops of color. The room is fairly small so I don't want to crowd it. Musts? Great storage and and some natural elements and I am thinking pops of pink and orange (subtle, of course). 

If anyone has suggestions on desks built like a Parsons desk, but larger, please let me know!!


Dressed said...

The last photo reminds me of the sitting room on Sara's House. LOVE!

Dana {Southern Inspired} said...

So true, white definitely goes with everything. And if you use color in the details it will be beautiful! I'm a new follower - just found your blog and love it! Can't wait to see your house :) Have a great weekend!

Seema said...

Good luck with the office!

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