Fun storage solutions

As I work on one project I am always thinking about what's next. Not always the best idea when finishing the first project is always the main goal. Well, the office is coming together nicely and I hope to be done soon and show you all the transformation.  In the meantime, I was flipping through the most recent O Magazine and was pleasantly surprised to see some very cool storage solutions. This led me to start thinking about my own closet which needs a lot of work. Here, some great ideas for storage solutions in the bedroom!

This merchandiser for Gilt Groupe has a LOT of shoes and not so much space. Solution? A gorgeous cabinet to rotate your favorite shoes. This solution stopped me in my tracks and if I had enough space I would be out scouting a cabinet just like this. Amazing!

This painter loves scarves so why not display them? I actually have a ton on hooks behind my door but I love the looks of this. She adds that you should never hesitate to shop a hardware store. Why not display what you love to wear??

Owner of Journelle, a lingerie boutique in NYC, Claire Chambers displays her lingerie as if it's a store. This is a bit risky for me but does add a special something to the room.
So do you have any amazing solutions for your storage??


Stephanie Sabbe said...

I want that skirt in that first image!

Day Old News said...

The underwear thing I could not do, but shoes as art? Yes please! That is really smart. I think that would also work well in an entry way, easy to grab shoes as you go. Love it.

LindsB said...

I love using an armoire for shoe storage, its kinda like showing them off like they are china :)

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

I would totally copy the scarf idea. I have tons of scarves too and what an artful way to display them.