Our Wedding Day {Part 2}

Hi everyone! I am still here, alive and well. The holidays brought lots of travel and the challenge (I mentioned here) requested limited media so I took an internet break which was nice. Honestly, I love doing this challenge every year but the first week is BRUTAL with no sugar or caffeine which caused daily headaches. I'm happy to say that I feel great now but it was a battle for a few days!

I finally have my camera cords and whatnot so I can share some more pictures with you! Here you can find some of the details from our wedding day. I still cannot get over how quickly it all went by and actually get choked up thinking about it today. Enough is enough though, right? Thanks for all your lovely comments on  Part 1 here. You all know how to make a girl feel special!

The most nervous I have ever been in my LIFE! Waiting to go into the church. Just thinking about walking down the aisle in front of all those people made me want to cry! Luckily, Mary, one of our fabulous photographers, did a great job at easing my stress!

Luckily, I was immediately calmed as I saw Rob. The ceremony was perfect and we were finally MARRIED!

Onto the reception...all of the paper goods we created ourselves with the help of a family friend. The menus had a silver fork, spoon and knife embossed on the top. LOVED!

The wreath I almost died over. This was NOT my doing but Jackie, the woman who runs the show...made this! Don't worry, I got a tutorial and hope to create my own soon!

I could look at my cake for days. I loved everything about it, including the taste!! Which reminds me, we need to break out the top to eat soon.

Late night got hectic as we brought out hats, glasses, wigs and slipper socks for all the guests. Seriously the most fun EVER!

So there is it! I hope you all enjoyed the highlights. Soon I will have the rehersal dinner pics for you!


Sarah said...

That cake...oh my!!! Absolute perfection!!! This is exactly what I would pick out if I could do it all over again! You have such great taste!
And that wreath...I can't wait to hear you give a tutorial! It's amazing!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

what gorgeous photos! few thoughts:
1- LOVE the idea of engraving the date on the perfume bottle...so lovely.
2- your dress is beautiful and you are glowing!
3- cute menu

:) jaime

Stephanie Sabbe said...

OMG. that first pic is amazing! I miss you. I want to come to DC. I love DC. I'm sure you will have a million friends in no time!

pretty pink tulips said...

You look breathtaking! What a gorgeous wedding and your pictures are amazing. Savor the experience!!

Chic Coles said...

How Beautiful. Your dress,the cake and all the fun.We are so happy for you. Congratulations

Day Old News said...

You look so unbelievably gorgeous! And I cannot wait for that wreath tutorial, it is so beautiful!

Megan said...

Emily, I've had this saved to come back to and comment on. Your wedding was so beautiful and you were seriously such a gorgeous bride. The wreath is stunning; I can't believe that it was a DIY... would love a tutorial!!!!