Happy Black Friday!!

Thanksgiving was low-key this year, spent with cousins nearby. It was just what we needed after a busy week back at work and I am so thankful to have been invited. Now the upcoming holidays are approaching quickly and I have to say that it's just what I need to stay cheerful after the wedding and honeymoon.

This year my Christmas list is very short but one thing I have been meaning to add to the list is, well, a few copies of Lonny in print. I am not one to personally run out to the stores on Black Friday and this year I'm more interested in getting our new home together. Good news for me since Lonny is 50% off today only! Hurry and pick up your favorite copies too!

Oh, and the same goes for Sweet Paul Magazine for all you foodies out there.


pretty pink tulips said...

Love Lonny and Sweet Paul....thank heavens for all these talented people willing to share their knowledge and expertise!

xo elizabeth

Stephanie Sabbe said...

How is married life!!??

carlee {deliciously organized} said...

thanks for the heads up!

Kinsey Michaels said...

congratulations on your wedding emily!