Want to escape for a bit?

I am a horrible blogger and I will admit it. Life has thrown me some curve balls lately and things are hectic. Excuses aside, things should get better soon! I have not had much time to catch up on magazines, let alone TV. I did, however, find a calmness in these images of Ralph Lauren's home in New York. featured in Elle Decor. The white and minimal style is perfect to clear the mind and get the creative juices flowing in my opinion.

Just the bookshelf alone is inspiring! I cannot take my eyes off it and am ready to plop on that white chair so I can concentrate on every nook!

Let's discuss this lovely dining space, shall we? First off, the lighting and those vases that mimic the shiny texture. On top of that, did you see the texture around that fabulous mirror? Perfection indeed. Way to go Ralph! Your style, stores and now home never cease to amaze me. Now I'm back off to work but thank you for the mini retreat!


Design Esquire said...

You're not a horrible blogger! Everybody gets busy sometimes. Don't beat yourself up. I love the images you posted!

I hope all the wedding planning is going well!

LindsB said...

Ralph Lauren is amazing! He is timeless and classic in everything that he does or has a part in- his homes are no exception and are just one of a kind :)