This and that...and more

Honestly, I cannot believe it is September. Seriously, where did the summer go? I have not even been to the beach this year (although I'm still dreaming about my honeymoon on the beach in November)!  With only two months (and 4 days) to go, the planning is on it's way and this week means getting out invitations. So, I apologize for my absence here but just picture me cutting envelope liners, printing directions and getting all the other details together. Phew, I'm tired!

With all the blogs I have yet to catch up on there are a few things on my radar right now. Specifically these shoes....

I do not normally shop at Club Monaco and I have no idea what these flats cost, but I'm in love. This is a NEED situation rather than a want, I am sure of that. Has anyone tried them at all? I need the details before I run to the closest shop to put them on my feet.

Assuming this post is really about "this" and "that" I want to share a breakfast nook that is so welcoming, I am ready to move in.  Designed by Allisberg Parker Architects, LLC, the firm was deemed winner of Innovation in Design Awards by Connecticut Cottages and Gardens in the kitchen category. Is it not perfect for a breezy fall Saturday morning? The light....simply fabulous!

Finally, has anyone else seen the pictures of the newly decorated Oval Office? I will throw it out there and admit that I am not a fan. The look is simple with neutral tones but in my opinion, it could have used something more. Even additional pops of blue or green would have jazzed up the space.  We should all take another look at the suggestions made by InStyle Magazine that came out when Obama took office. You can find that story here.

This was a post filled with inconsistencies but I hope to be back soon with pictures from my bridal shower that took place this past weekend. It was amazing!


Design Esquire said...

Love the flats. That breakfast nook is to die for. And I agree with you on the Oval Office. While I would love the couches for my own home, I feel like it needs a little something more - it's the Oval Office!

Design Esquire said...

Oh! And I'm glad you enjoyed your shower! Thank goodness its not this weekend.

beth said...

What a great breakfast nook! I love those colors!