A studio {with a High/Low pricepoint}

The new Style at Home site and blog has been updated, as per a little email in my inbox and I finally had a few minutes to browse all the goodies this weekend. I can never seem to find this magazine in stores around here, but the site is FULL of inspiration. One of my favorite articles is when a room is done for a high price point and then replicated in a low(er) cost. It is so surprising to see how you really CAN get the same look as something that costs lots of money. How motivating, huh?

Recently, the magazine put together a studio and you will be shocked to see how similar these rooms are. I am loving the casualness of the room and would run out and purchase the desk tomorrow...if only the low price point was lower than the $1100 price tag. Now I'm thinking we need a High/Low/LOWEST article!

HIGH ($14,651):
That table, the light fixture and rug make my heart skip a beat.

LOW ($4,801):

I will be honest, the bookcase in this image I definitely prefer. Love the notches that allow you to define the space. Reminds me of Miss Martha's kitchen cabinets from the September issue showcasing her kitchen, no?

For all the details and additional High/Low articles, click here.


kayce hughes said...

I'll take either room.

pretty pink tulips said...

I love them both. One black. One brown!

LindsB said...

I always love seeing the high end and low end of things, and how rooms can look almost the same for nothing like the original budget