Hilarious Site! {Dear Blank, Please Blank}

Ready for a laugh? You must check out the new Dear Blank, Please Blank site that lets anyone upload hilarious letters. Even though I love my iPhone, I do not heart AT&T. This one cracks me right up.

Dear AT&T, Please stop dropping all of my calls.

Sincerely, Tired of calling everyone back.
And because I'm going to see Eclipse tonight and may be this person:
Dear Twilight fan sitting behind me during Eclipse,
Stop yelling "Team Edward" every time Robert Pattinson comes on the screen, it's really getting old.

Sincerely, Taylor Lautner.
For a good laugh, check out the site here.


LindsB said...

hahah, love the Team Edward one. I swear if anyone does that tonight I'm going to have it out with them. Like meet me at the swingset after school fight type of thing :)

pretty pink tulips said...

That 2nd letter has tears in my eyes --- laughing! xo, Fan of Taylor

Pink to Green said...

this site is so funny... i'm definitely bookmarking for when I need a pick-me-up. Hope you have a great weekend!