Uncommon Kitchen Tour!

On June 4th and 5th, the Junior League of Boston will be presenting a "Toast of the Tour" Tasting Event as well as the "Uncommon Kitchens" Tour. As a member of the Junior League, I've had the opportunity to work on both of events.  In addition, the Junior League is offering lecture series, given by designers at the Boston Design Center, during the month of June. Luckily, there's a blog to keep you updated on all the details! Be sure to check it out. This week I interviewed Linda Merrill from ::Surroundings:: as she will presenting at one of the lectures. Linda was fabulous to work with and I urge all of you in the area to take advantage of the tour and lecture series!


Design Esquire said...

My sister-in-law is in the Junior League too, and has invited me to a tour! That's so cool that you're involved in this too.

LindsB said...

Booo, I wish I was going to be here for this, I want to go so bad!!

PS- can you tell the Junior League to bring back the Decorator Show house, that was my favorite event all year!!