Tie-the-Knot Tuesday {decorating a mantle}

Our wedding venue has a few fireplaces. They are gorgeous, but lately I have been stressing about how to decorate the mantles. Don't get me wrong, it is something I cannot wait to see come to fruition, but do I go with candles and flowers; tall flowers or short ones; or a combination of both?  I've been stowing away these images so that I can show my florist when it comes time to decorate.

I LOVE the simplicity of this mantle with only candles. By the looks of things, the guests must have lit them with all the matchbooks nearby. I kind of love this idea!

What about candles and flowers combines? These flowers are very Jeff Leatham like but I can't help but imagine them toppling to the floor if someone gets too close.

Now I'm wishing I have a fireplace at home to decorate just for fun. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love feedback! I am open to any brilliant ideas (with a budget of course).

(Images via Style Me Pretty)


monique said...

that first image is gorgeous!! agreed, candles on the mantle are so elegant :)

Haven and Home said...

I am LOVING that first image and it seems pretty obtainable.

LindsB said...

I'm still so jealous you are getting married there!! Wahhhh, I want to change all my plans now and get married down there