Loving Joe Nye

We've all read and seen Joe Nye's work in various publications. He's been deemed one of America's Top 100 Interior Decorators by House Beautiful since 2003. Recently, Joe took part in the Designer Series with Williams-Sonoma on How to Accessorize a Space. Joe's WS picks are pretty fantastic.  He is right on when mentioning that accessories give a room personality; just like when we throw on some fabulous jewelry or "frost ourselves" (anyone know the movie reference there?).  I could not agree more! One piece of advice is to start a library and decorate with books! If any of you are like me, decorating with books or magazines should not be difficult. Many of the images in Joe's portfolio include this lovely advice and I cannot help but laude every room he's designed!

 Don't forget to check out Joe's new book Flair. It is on my list of books to purchase. Having flipped through it quickly, I can tell it's a good one. If you have to convince yourself, just think of it as an accessory!


ashlina {the decorista} said...

gorgeous! those rooms are just blissful!

Chic Coles said...

I have been dying for his new book Flair. I need to go to barnes and noble asap.

Deliciously Organized said...

How to lose a guy...love that movie.