Tie-the-Knot Tuesday {down by the sea...}

I have thought about what my wedding would be like for years. There are so many styles and ideas out there the inspiration is overwhelming. My own day will be a bit more fancy, I figure it's a big day, so why not go all out and a bit fancy, right? Like prom, but even better (it better be since prom was no fun whatsoever!). Now that the weather is getting nice, I love looking at the more casual and beachside weddings that are out in the blog world. Having lived by the ocean for years, it's something I'll never be able to get away from and a wedding by the water is so romantic...don't you think?

Summer is just not getting here quick enough!

(Images via Love Notes)

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Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

definitely, I have always thought about a barefoot wedding by the beach, it will probably never happen but still :)