SOOO not happy

Elle Decor is one of my favorite monthly magazines (and believe me, I get a lot so I have many to compare). This month I've seen the Ellen Pompeo "sneak peaks" online and have been waiting patiently to receive my own copy in the mail.  Today I checked out my account online and it says the June copy is "en route" to me so say, "where the heck is May?". I send a short (and couteous) email to customer service and receive this:

Dear Emily,
Thank you for notifying us that you did not receive your issue. We apologize that this issue is permanently out of stock. We have extended your subscription for May 2010 by 1 issue and your new subscription expiration date is March 2012. 
You should receive the June 2010 issue by May 20, 2010. Thank you for subscribing to Elle Decor.

Is this for real? OUT OF STOCK? I believe I just saw this in stores yesterday. Needless to say, I have to go buy the one in the store I saw now but this is crazy. A subscription is a subscription Elle Decor, of which I PRE-paid. There, I said my peace but House Beautiful, you just entered the #1 spot on my magazine list!


Design Esquire said...

That stinks!

paula said...

what! I haven't got mine either. I always receive there issues ridiculously late.

demi said...

My subscription is supposed to start May 1- Lucky me!

LindsB said...

I just signed on and it says June too- WTF, I want my copy and I will be so mad!! Ugg, going to write an email now.

pve design said...

No wonder all the magazines are having issues!!!

Haven and Home said...

I just saw this on Lindsey's blog, what is up with that? It blows my mind.

Margaret Russell said...

I just posted on Lindsey's blog as well. There must have been a mix-up at customer service, but if you're a subscriber and you didn't receive your magazine, please e-mail us at and we will send you a May issue. We truly love our readers, and this is simply a snafu, not a vast publishing conspiracy!

Libby Brown said...

The same thing happened to me. But I didn't get a nice note from someone at the magazine. I ordered my on Dec 31, 2010....and I STILL have not gotten my subscription. In stead a got some somewhat rude run around from the magazine. They have been telling me for the last three months that it's coming....UM ELLE Decor, I'm still waiting.

It's taken 6 months to get my order - aren't magazines losing subscriptions??

Libby Brown said...


This was the email that I got - > Dear Ms. Brown,

"We received your order on December 31, 2009. Your subscription will start with the May 2010 issue and expire with the April 2011 issue.

A review of your account shows that the May 2010 issue is currently en route to you. You should receive the May 2010 issue by April 15, 2010.

Thank you for subscribing to Elle Decor.
Danna Ross
Email Customer Service"

Then the next email was also to say that it was out of stock. I love the part where they acknowledge that the order was made in Dec and in May I still don't have it.

I'm with you Elle Decor - way down on the list.