An entertainer that will make you smile

Traditional Home magazine is pretty spectacular this month. Normally, I will flip through it in the grocery store and put it down but this one I had to buy. The inspiration and features were just that good this month! Since Easter is only a few days away, I've been dreaming up not only what I can offer to make to bring to my parents' but how we can decorate.

Enter Heather Christothoulou. She's one heck of an entertainer and the first site of this tabletop she put together made me drool. Seriously. If you're not ready to go decorate your own dining room table after seeing this, then I'm not sure anything will work. I got so excited I may have ordered these.

Have you had enough yet? Good, because not only was Heather's table featured in the magazine this month, but her home was featured in the magazine last year. As if that table isn't enough, walking inside is just as good.

I LOVE the desk in her office with the pops of pink and yellow!

It's official, I love black cabinets in the kitchen. Just something about them with the light countertops that make me swoon! Be sure to check out Heather's website too. Not only can she entertain and decorate, but she can cook!


ashlina said...

omg. this post has just taken my breath away i love it!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

gorgeous I wish I could entertain like this

Stephanie Sabbe said...

Holy Moly, can I please have a backyard again. SO SO pretty

Laura@JourneyChic said...

So pretty! I love the colors, and those urns on the table are fantastic - I'd like some for my living room!

Sidney said...

love the outdoor tablescape!