What colors work for you?

I read this recent article in Boston Globe Magazine and it immediately struck a chord. The article describes a couple decorating their home and using very specific colors. The reason? Mitch, the husband is colorblind. Well, my fiance Rob is colorblind too. I heard stories about his childhood coloring skills over the years but never quite understood what it meant to be colorblind until the day I wore a pink sweater and heard "I really like your green sweater". Oh boy...this is quite the challenge for someone trying to get into decorating here. It's difficult to ask if he likes this color, or that color when I'm not even really sure he knows what color I actually mean. Good thing he's a great sport when friends decide to play the "what color is this?" game.

Anyway, the main point in the article illustrates how Mitch easily distinguish certain colors. Now I'm not sure if the designer and Mitchs' wife are pulling a fast one on him here, but I know that Rob would not be happy if I painted a room this color:

Actually, I don't mind this room at all and it doesn't hurt that Mitch and his wife live in the Ritz-Carlton Boston with an incredible view. Not bad at all!

After reading the article I decided to check out the website of Fotene Design (the firm that remodled this space) and I was pleasantly surprised. Located in Boston, they are known for their attention to detail and architectural knowledge. Take a look for yourself...

I love the hint of red in this room!

Sign me up for a bathroom like this to relax in! The vanity stool is fabulous!

Now I must ask, are there any bloggers out there that know of someone who's colorblind? I do actually enjoy it now when I can add some pink, I mean, "green" to a room!


Jenna said...

I'd imagine asking a color blind man about colors would be tough! I don't know anyone that is color blind. I say go with YOUR instinct and taste for color, you can always say its a "manly" color if he asks, right? :)


Vitania said...

Too funny..:-) Colour blind or not my guy would never let me get away with it!! my brother is colour blind and I used to joke about his ability to colour co-ordinate clothes - Not good.. His current home is white.. his wardrobe black and white and blue jean..

Beautiful portfolio from Fotene

Design Esquire said...

What an interesting post. The images are just beautiful too.

Also, I just gave you a blog award! Stop by my blog to check it out.

LindsB said...

as awful as this sounds, but sometimes I feel like it would be easier to decorate my apartment if my boyfriend was colorblind. I mean a little pink here and there would be really nice but I get shot down every single time :)