No Color Needed

This week I received the new Black House/White Market catalog. Normally I flip through the pages and throw it out but I was pleasantly surprised! The entire catalog is made up of cool pieces that scream Parisian chic and I think a few of these will end up in my closet this fall. Not only do black and white clothes go with everything else in the closet, but pair it with some red lipstick (I still have not found my perfect shade) and you're ready for a night out on the town.

Love how the hats complete the outfits! Not sure I can ever pull this off but I do want to go hat shopping now.

These cute Chanel-like jackets are perfect for day or night. Plus, the price tag is right!

I love me some polka dots! I am pretty sure I have a similar top from college (yes, I still have that in my closet after all these years) that I need to pull out for fall.

Ruffles are surely in for fall and this cute top is a bit longer and different than most I've seen recently. Loving the bag hanging with the scarf also!

So tell me, are there any new things you've found for fall that you would normally pass up? I think it's worth taking an extra look at those catalogs now!

(Images via White House/Black Market)


pve design said...

Whilst shopping with my 10 year old daughter at Delia's I bought myself a pair of great Orange cord 5 pockets with great details....I can hardlywait to wear them with a cashmere sweater and boots.

(Now, I will look again at White House/Black Market!
Looks very Chanel!)zjxylti

Fé... said...

As I have written before in my post, I was about to surf to September with maxi floral, just for a change of mood.

But your post tempts me to go back to black and white! Lol... Great pictures, perfect ensemble. Excellent style!

Deliciously Organized said...

This is sooo funny! My sister & I could not stop talking about how amazing this catalog is! We called one another to talk about it! Love it!