What makes a kitchen grand?

No idea what it is about Monday's but I know they are tough! After the first day back at work(with a sunburn to boot) it seems like Friday is forever away. Since my creativity is waning, I pulled this picture from my inspiration folder. I saved it some time ago and it happens to be the kitchen of Jamie Gottschall from House Beautiful. I LOVE the brown walls against the white and even though I'm no fan of roosters, they seem to fit here.

Now, I'd like to point out a few favorites for you:
1) Notice that chandelier? It's pretty similar to one I mentioned here and that little bit of glimmer brings this space from average to WOW. Come to think of it, I think this is the exact one pictured.
2) Can we talk about the chairs in the background? The backs are monogrammed and they are PERFECT!! I want to get up and eat breakfast there tomorrow.
3) The island is big enough to hold a buffet for a party of 30. Eye spy striped (and labeled) boxes for storage. Genius!
4) Instead of the old black and white checkered floors, the brown used in this one makes it a bit different but ties all the brown and white together.

I can keep going on but I am having way more fun picking out all the wonderful things this kitchen has to offer (be sure to check out that range!). So I ask, what are the (unnecessary) additions that you would add to your perfect kitchen?

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