Inspiration for the BIG day

The number of wedding resources I have found on the web is out of control. Of course I always loved looking at everything having to do with weddings but never understood the amount of content available until it actually mattered to me. I will admit, it's quite overwhelming. Good news is that I am having a blast learning about this process and I am VERY excited to plan, craft and do just about anything having to do with a wedding. Please remind me of this if I cannot handle this in 6 months!

As an avid reader of Style Me Pretty (for years) I could not have been more enthusiastic about the new Style Circle that is now available. It's a place to take all of the gorgeous pictures on the site to create an original inspiration board. This evening I am having a bit of fun and realize I have more of a "style" than I initially thought....

Pretty with Pink

Images from Adeline and Grace Photography,Sweet Pea Events,Lisa Lefkowitz,Lisa Lefkowitz,Details Details,Details Details,Lisa Lefkowitz,Holland Photo Arts,Lisa Lefkowitz,Delicious Desserts

A special arrangement

Images from Interieurs et Fleurs,Interieurs et Fleurs,Interieurs et Fleurs,Interieurs et Fleurs,Interieurs et Fleurs

And what have I learned from this exercise?
1) I am leaning towards a more formal affair (most likely in the evening).
2) I heart Interieurs et Fleurs (especially that arrangement in the upper left-hand corner).
3) I want a few rustic elements.
4) I must have a dash of pink!

These are only the first two boards I have assembled thus far but have a feeling that when I consider hot pink, yellow, or blue themes, indecision may set in! So now I ask, since this is so much fun, why do we only get to marry once? I would not mind a different wedding every year (with the same man of course)!


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, that first inspiration board to so pretty. I definitely agree that rustic details are the way to go. It gives it a down-to-earth, homey feel.

Design Esquire said...

I love your inspiration boards, they are beautiful. I didn't find Style Me Pretty until after I was married. I imagine that is an incredible resource.

Anonymous said...

Happy wedding planning! I love the classy pink-tinged inspiration board - it'll be a gorgeous wedding for sure! I'm helping a friend with her reception decor and have be poring over Style Me Pretty too!

Thanks for popping by my blog! I've had fun reading through your posts! :)

Blair said...

Oh wow! How cool. I cannot wait to check it out. Love the looks you put together.

pve design said...

Snippet & Ink posted some of the prettiest weddings this week, so simple. I illustrate weddings too.

Jill said...

The first board is so you and so perfect. This is going to be a fun year of wedding planning and happiness. I cannot wait!

Kristin said...

Oh how I wish I could plan another wedding. Sigh. The splashes of pink are heavenly!

Fé... said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! What an idea... It's so great having a wedding party in a green house, with all of the glasses. I've always been into glasses. At twilight, you can see the amazing color saturation; and when night comes, the stars!