This Spade is an Ace

The new clothing collection for Kate Spade has just debuted and I am smitten. For some time I thought that their handbags were getting a bit old (seemed like they all looked the same!) but these new pieces are just what this company needs! Although I don't normally dress this girly, the model here looks like she was born to wear these clothes (and reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, doesn't she?). Here's a peek but be sure to check out the newly updated site! I will admit, I am a pink girl. LOVE this jacket and the outfit (minus the socks).
Is this not so Jackie O? This shift can go from night.
Also a big fan of polka dots!

And just because I am having so much fun with this, I figured I would cover Deborah Lloyd as well. She is the Co-President and Creative Director of Kate Spade. Harpers Bazaar had a great article on her back in Feb. 2009 and I definitely ripped out these pages for my inspiration folder. I will also mention that Deborah lives in Brooklyn and actually takes the train to work looking this good!
The soft tones in her home include a touch of pink and make me giddy. I think these images sum up my own personal style.

(Images via Kate Spade and Google)


LindsB said...

I love Kate Spade, her style is so classic and chic looking.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

All gorge!