A little bit more on Julia

I found this fantastic article on Julia Child and wanted to share. The pictures are of her home in Cambridge, MA (very near to me) and although I know that the house has been remodled, I love these pictures of times past. The bookshelves are fabulous! Enjoy!
Such an organized kitchen. With all the tools she used, everything had to have a place. I love the way she used the pegboards!


Design Esquire said...

Great post, and thanks for the link to the article! I'm almost done reading My Life in France, and I love it. I find Julia to be fascinating, and so ahead of her time. The book is very inspirational, and I love her relationship with her husband - it was a true partnership in every sense of the word.

KatyO! said...

great post!! After I started reading "My Life in France" I did a post about Julia and her kitchen. this is great to see a bit of the rest of her home!!