You Rock My World

Growing up in the 80's, one can never forget the music of Michael Jackson. We have home videos of my sisters and me dancing nonstop to the songs on the Thriller album and after 20 odd years, I still can't get enough. Of course, the news on Michael Jackson's death in June is still on TV and I'm not sure when it will end. Of course, I can't stop watching the videos and the songs are most often in my "Most Played" folder on my ipod. I was going to avoid this post altogether but for some reason, I had to pay my tribute. The man could sing and dance and of course I'm practicing my moonwalk now to bust out when the time is right.

To make this a bit more fun, I decided to focus on Michael's fashion sense. Let's face it, he made blazers as popular as can be and never stopped wearing one during his entire career. The Thriller video shows the beginning......

Now, coming from a girl that LOVES sequins and bling, this may be my favorite (notice the glove as well) and what better way to keep this look going than with a stunning example from the Balmain 2009 fall line.

Balenciaga also had models strutting down the fall 09 runway with some stellar blazers. I love the pop of color on the belt here!

Finally, an example of Michael himself recently with the fall 09 Balmain t-shirt this model is rocking. I mean, need I say more?

Love the style and luckily it's living on with M.J.'s music.
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