Talented new find: Rachel Reider

I was at my parents' house this past weekend and started perusing some old magazines (I am slightly addicted) when I came across a wonderful (and small!) condo in little ole Boston. Of course it peaked my interest since I live in the city so I continued on reading.
Meet Rachel Reider, and interior decorator in Boston. The article showcased her condo (only 735 square feet to be exact) that she lives in with her husband and decorated on her own. I quickly searched for a website and was pleasantly surprised! Rachel has some serious talent and I am not sure I dislike ANY of her work. It's fresh and modern with a traditional touch and the lucky girl even got to redesign the Veranda House on Nantucket. I can keep going on, but let's just get to the good stuff instead....

The lovely Veranda House...it's stunning!

Loving this kitchen and would never think of adding red but it definitely pops!

The designers home that I saw in Better Homes & Gardens (got rid of it but I think it was from May 2008). Love the long drapes against the light walls!

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