Bring on the color (and patterns)

Last week I was checking out some of the new fall items at Tory Burch. I don't often go to the site and I am not a huge fan of all the prints she features, but I will admit I love my Reva flats. Turns out I may actually start liking the color orange! While perusing the site, I found Tory's Style Guide which covers everything from her blog, to trends, and the inspiration for her collections. Although I'm a girl who doesn't wear much for color (or patterns), all the prints and textures on this site just WORK! Now I am creating some of my own inspiration boards (which I will share with you soon) but in the meantime, I thought I'd leave amazing shots of her stores which happen to be fabulous eye candy. ENJOY!
Found this image here and all I have to say is, where do I get me some of them shelves?

Chicago store...Dallas
East Hampton (my personal favorite)
New York
San Diego

I have been to this store in Vegas and I will say, it's glamorous!

(Images via Tory Burch unless otherwise noted)

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