A Statement Piece

My sister that lives in Chicago loves art and has a pretty good eye for it if I may say so myself. Recently, she went to a fair in the city and met a local artist. Afterwards, she was ranting about how great this artist is and how she has a new "fund" going for a specific piece she saw. I quickly asked her to send me the link so I could take a gander (and because I am awful at spotting new talent) and she directed me here. Laura Lee Junge "has been hailed as an 'intoxicating' new talent on the American artistic front" and I find her work to be both whimsical and energetic. The colors jump out at you and for some reason I can't stop staring.
This Seaside Waltz is named so appropriately and I love the colors. The dancing scenes I kept going back to with the flow and the colors. The couples take center stage.

My sisters very favorite (and the one she's saving up for) is titled Angelica. I love it!

The color bursts from these scenes and I can see them being an absoultely fabulous focal point in a white room or office!

My absolute favorite is Baile, Baile and named so appropriately for the single lady taking center stage. She's stealing the show!

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