Weekend getaway

This past weekend the BF took me to Newport for my birthday. Although I HATE celebrating birthdays, I could not wait to get to the beautiful town with the mansions and as a plus, the weather was amazing! I last traveled to Newport in college and I was eager to get back and tour some of the amazing mansions. In college, we did have a formal ball at the Rosecliff mansion but I must admit, there is little I remember from that event.

Once we arrived, we checked into Hotel Viking, pictured above. The BF did an amazing job picking out this hotel and if ever travelling to Newport, I definitely recommend you stay here. It is voted a member of the Historic Hotels in America and has housed guests including JFK and the Vanderbilts. Just knowing that the likes of these celebrities, among others, walked the same halls as I did makes it that much more exciting!

Here is a picture of our room and although small, it did include a flat screen TV (thanks to recent renovations) and a fabulous bathroom which, unfortunately, I forgot to snap with the camera.

After dropping our bags we headed out to the cliff walk which was a route along the water behind all the mansions. On both sides of us the views ranged from amazing mansions to breathtaking ocean. Of course, I found some of my future homes along the way. This one above isn't too shabby, huh? I can just picture the fabulous summer parties that occur here, and wish someone would invite me!

This one is a bit stately and not particularly my style. It is a private residence and so I could not help but stop to take this photo. Imagine packing up the car with your beach gear to head to this "summer home"?

Finally, my favorite! This yellow home is so welcoming and that porch is fabulous! Give me a good book, some lemonade and I may never leave.

Stayed tuned because I'm putting together my pics from the mansion tours!

(Images taken by moi)

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