This weekend we snuck into the city early in the day to avoid the big crowds and get our fill of the cherry blossoms during their peak bloom. I will never tire of this season in D.C. as it is truly inspiring. It really is incredible to think that this is all part of mother nature's plan, isn't it?  I'm not sure if it's just this gorgeous weather we are finally having here or the fact that winter is over but I find myself taken by all things pastel these days. With baby boy on the way I have an urge to use pink in other areas of the house and these pale pink blooms are just what I needed for inspiration. 

It is finally getting a bit more difficult for me to get around these days.  Less than 7 weeks to go before we get to meet this bambino!

All images by me.


A few weekends ago I hopped a plane to Boston for my baby shower hosted by my mom, sisters and mother-in-law. They did such an amazing job and the day was perfect.  We had a nice luncheon with close friends and family and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people during this time.  

Baby Boy is a very lucky baby and my wonderful mother-in-law monogrammed 12 onesies to capture his growth during the first year. I really cannot wait to see him in these soon. Only a little over 7 weeks to go and boy is time flying by! 

He has two very excited (first time) grandmothers to meet very soon!


I always look forward to the Design Notes I receive in my email from Balineum. If you are not yet familiar with them, the company is a little like Waterworks. They sell luxury items for the bath from sinks to mirrors to baskets. Every month I look forward to reading the new column on Design Notes which are always accompanied by gorgeous photos. Here, so me of my favorite photos and products from the company.


Happy St. Patty's Day! Normally we are seeing green at this point in March but today we woke up to another 8 inches of snow and frankly, I am over it. I am trying to channel spring with a little green to start the week.

I have recently become enamored with the Gardenista site. As a sister site to Remodelista, it covers all things pertaining to gardens. You can find everything from gorgeous gardens to visit to the best planters or favorite rosy wallpaper. It truly is a feast for the eyes. As I daydream about having a garden like the one in the lower right-hand corner above, or just sunnier days ahead, check out the site for yourself! 


Let the nursery planning commence! I would be lying if I said I wasn't dragging my feet on this nursery. We are finally at a place where things are happening and the crib should be arriving tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I would put together a charming baby room (one that my husband nixed immediately) after the one in Downton Abbey. This room was not often shown during the last season but we did catch a few glimpses and I for one love the toile room.  Throw in some plaid and a gorgeous crib and you have yourself a classic English room. This one served for both a baby boy and a baby girl so you cannot go wrong. Here, my take on this classic English room.

I feel this is fairly neutral for a gender free room but if you know you are having a boy or a girl it is easy enough to add more blue/navy for a boy or punches of pink if you know it's a girl. Will be sharing my actual nursery ideas real soon!


The home of Jim Joseph, an architect, and his partner Scott Frankel, a composer, was featured in the February issue of Architectural Digest and it is not to be missed. I find I continue to peruse the pages after a month to check out any details I missed the first few times. Filled with antiques found in the same area, the home renovation was completed after a decade. The details are truly incredible (just look at those doors in the dining room!) and the use of color throughout the house lends a nod to Dorothy Draper, as well as Dolley Madison, according to Joseph. 

I checked out Hottenroth + Joseph Architects where Jim is a partner and of course fell in love with the details they include in the homes they work on throughout New England and beyond. Here are some of my favorites.